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Good Stuff began as a father/daughter duo (known as "Tony and Tricia") based in sunny Lakeland, Florida over 25 years ago. Their “full sound” is unique, rich with family harmonies. With a repertoire of hundreds of songs spanning over several generations, Good Stuff's variety of music is sure to please the most diverse of audiences. Good Stuff has the ability to play to many types of crowds, and will format their gigs to fit whichever audience they perform for. Whether it be a dance, party, show, club or other format, Good Stuff will get the job done.

Tony, guitarist and songwriter, has been a professional musician for over 50 years. He has played in such bands as The Corvelles, Topshelf, Taste, and The Dreamers, to name a few, each based in his home state of Maine. Throughout the years, Tony has performed at many nightclubs and events around New England and Florida. In addition, he has written many songs for Tricia to record and perform.

For Tricia, music and singing has always been a part of life, as she started performing publicly at the tender age of 5. She recorded her first 45 RPM record when she was 9 years old of two songs she helped co-write with her Dad. As a child, Tricia performed all over her home state of Maine for various events. As an adult, Tricia has performed in Maine, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. In 2000 she recorded her debut CD "Cool Rock 'N' Country" consisting of songs all written by her Dad Tony. In her spare time, Tricia enjoys singing the National Anthem at various sporting events, especially for her favorite team The Boston Red Sox!!!

Good Stuff now performs primarily as a trio, with Tony's wife Jennifer on backup vocals. As a trio, they specialize in high energy dance music with impeccable 3 part harmony! For certain functions, additional musicians may be added (per availability) such as drums, keyboard, saxophone and trumpet to name a few.

Good Stuff is currently booking for all occasions and venues including clubs, shows, dances, private parties, corporate functions and more. For more info scroll to the bottom of the page for an email form.

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